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Warmenism is Big; So Will Its Fall Be

Posted in Uncategorized on July 18, 2008 by ragnard

I’ve been saying for a long time (long before I started this blog) that the hoax of global warmenism has to crash.  It is a religion, but unlike regular religions, it appeals to science and reason rather than faith.

Given that it is utterly false, totally without merit, intellectually bankrupt, morally corrupt, and will cause economic catastrophe, it’s only a matter of time before it crashes.

Criically, people who oppose it are basing their opposition on the proper principles.  You don’t hear “well, compliance will be expensive.”

You hear this:

“In the past 70 years the Sun was more active than at almost any other time in the past 11,400 years …”


This would be an appropriate occasion for John McCain to announce that, in view of the fact that the claim of a scientific “consensus” has now unraveled, he is rethinking his own position on the regulation of carbon emissions.


Psychologizing Genocide

Posted in Pseudo-Science, Rule of Unreason, Uncategorized on April 25, 2008 by ragnard

So here’s the sequence of events:

  1. Gates of Vienna posted an “essay” carefully introducing the idea that Europe should murder all muslims
  2. Charles at LGF exposed it to some sunlight
  3. Shrink Wrapped “psychoanalyzed” it

Rational analysis of this is pretty simple.  Starting a program of mass-murder will lead to massive death and destruction for everyone.  Duh!  And besides that, a fascist dictatorship is one of the most horrible social systems ever devised.

Here is a quick blueprint of the solution.  First, Europe should repeal its numerous and vast programs of welfare, largesse, handouts, subsidies, and other incentives to non-productive people.  A welfare check makes it much easier to sit around all day and plan and carry out violence at night.

Second, they should repeal the laws that criminalize acts that do not harm any victim (e.g. working more than 35 hours in France).  This will let their police focus on catching the violent criminals in their midst.  And it will easier for people to see the issues clearly.

Third, they should punish these criminals harshly.

Finally, they should tattoo the foreheads of any criminals who were foreign nationals, and deport them.

This regimen would force the muslims who live in Europe to choose whether they wanted jihad or peace and prosperity.  It would divide them, and many would choose to become true Europeans.

Come to think of it, this would be a great set of steps for the US to take also!

I don’t know how much more needs to be said.

Now I want to address Shrink Wrapped’s “psychoanlytic attempt to understand” this.

Ayn Rand defined “psychologizing” as an attempt to use psychology to evade and “explain” the underlying moral issue.

OK, where to start with Shrink Wrapped…?

Societies under stress tend to regress in predictable and dangerous ways.

This would be like saying “hospitals under illness tend to…”


This isn’t psychology (or medicine).  It’s a facade of psychology or medicine to cover a gross generalization.  I can think of a number of societies that were “under stress” (whatever that means, exactly) that responded in quite different ways.  England’s Magna Carta wasn’t quite the same thing as the French Revolution, or the American Revolution for that matter.

[regression is] …a retreat form more civilized to less civilized behavior…

Civilized is a fuzzy word, that obscures key concept: morality.  The difference between a murderous lynch mob and a civilized society is the subordination of might to right, and of action to morality.

Once you realize this, you don’t continue down the path of treating society as a psychiatric patient.  In some societies, a majority of members know that there are rules which govern behavior.  In others, such as nazi germany, a majority did not (or evaded their knowledge because they hoped for illicit personal gain).

Since rational people don’t think of themselves as mere cogs in a collective-racial-tribal machine, they don’t react to enemies or criminals by trying to establish a racist-collectivist-tribalist dictatorship.  Since they think of themselves as individuals, and value their minds and their liberties, they don’t try to establish a socialist dictatorship.

The bottom line is that anyone who wants to resurrect the third reich is a wannabe-thug.  Psychoanalysis is neither necessary to deal with this person, nor helpful.


P.S.  If the islamzation of Europe seems like an intractable problem, that’s because of the multicultural idealogy that dominates Europe right now.  Before Europeans can tackle islamization, they first have to admit there is a problem.  I don’t know how to make them see it, other than to write online and encourage others to write online.  This is a war of ideas!

Science, Corrupted by Government Money

Posted in Pseudo-Science, Uncategorized on April 23, 2008 by ragnard

I have a theory.  If it weren’t for the lure of money offered by the government, science would be far more honest, and would advance much faster than it does today.  For example, watching a program about Alaska last night, the announcer casually said that the earth’s climate history has perfectly tracked the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.  Over a period of 250 million years, the average temperature of the north shore of Alaska has dropped 54 degrees Fahrenheit, due to–in his claim–the change in CO2 levels.

Needless to say he did not discuss temperatures at the equator, which would presumably have averaged over 120 degrees, with peaks over 170!

This is starting to look like the old bible-belt laws that mandated teaching creationism, or the more recent laws that outlawed irrational numbers.  I believe it was Tennassee that set the value of PI to 3, by statute.

These kinds of laws attack the mind.  How can one think if one has a choice between supressing thought or breaking the law?

How long will it be before teachers in schools must indoctrinate children with the idea that CO2 is the sole factor in climate, and that it’s relationship to temperature is linear and perfectly causal?

Open Letter to Fine Homebuilding Magazine

Posted in Blind Elephants vs Donkeys, Uncategorized on April 22, 2008 by ragnard

I recently received the latest issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine.  It spent a lot of ink on the topic of “green” building.  I could not see what “green” really means, other than:

  1. Taking loot from other people (subsidies for expensive technologies like solar)
  2. Forcing others to build “green” by seeking to pass new regulations (or updating the building code)
  3. Being sanctimonious about how much holier-than-thou one is
  4. Demanding that others sacrafice comfort, or even the size of their new home

None of these are legitemate, and yet it’s the greenies who take the moral high ground and the normal people who get on the defensive.  Look at this letter to the editor (from a blind donkey) and the reply from the editor (blind elephant).  The money quotes:

Donkey: Ultimately, I will let my subscription expire because you aren’t green enough.

Elephant: I don’t think any person, group, or company can defend the claim that they are green enough. None of us is. We’ve all got to do better.

Mr. Ireton, this is about Original Sin. The donkey knows it, and expects to hit your guilty spot.  And, by your reply, you accept it.

I may be the only one left on this earth who does not accept unearned guilt and original sin.  I have a right to live for the sake of my own selfish enjoyment.  I have a right to build the biggest house that I can afford and that suits my needs, whether that be acceptable to the green-nazis, or not.

I read your fine magazine precisely because it shows pictures of the “countertop of the month.”  I certainly would cancel my subscription if Fine Homebuilding became even 10% as preachy (or marxist) as the magazines preferred by “Bob.”

Make no mistake.  I do not want to waste a penny. But this is an economic issue, not a religious issue.  I do not want toxic air in my house (e.g. formaldehyde), and I want comfort.  As you have pointed out many times, there is some overlap between good design and construction practices and what is today called “green.”

There is a simple reason for this.

“Green” is a package-deal that is trying to sell the religion of self-sacrafice.  Since this does not appeal to most Americans, greenies have to start with what people do like.  Today, there is a trend away from McMansions and towards better-detailed, more architecturally-designed smaller houses.  This makes sense!  Who would choose to live in a 5000 sq ft white drywall box if he could have a 3200 sq ft well-designed home that was comfortable, had spaces tha make the occupants feel good, maximizes views, and was less expensive to run?

Please don’t make Fine Homebuilding into Mother Jones, Whole Earth Review, or any other kind of marxist screed.  There is a legitmate market for a magazine that focuses on luxury homes and the craft of building them.  Yours is the leading publication in this space.  Don’t change a thing!

Thank you.