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As The UN, So The Olympics

Posted in Short Comments on August 1, 2008 by ragnard

Glenn Reynolds nails this one like a sledgehammer hitting a 16 penny nail:

I won’t be going, and I don’t plan to watch. The Olympics are a fount of corruption and chicanery anyway, upholding no ideals and promoting no good ends anyway.

What exactly do the good guys (that’s us, in case you live in San Francisco and are brainwashed into thinking it’s the palestinians) have to gain from pretending to party and play sports with thugs and mass murderers?



Vicious Anti-Life Policies…

Posted in Short Comments on July 14, 2008 by ragnard

I refer to our various regulations, laws, and court rulings preventing oil companies from drilling for oil or mining for oil shale.  Oil provides the energy that makes modern life possible.  If you don’t want oil, then give up your computer, your car, most of your clothes, most of your living space, most of your heating, your air conditioning, much of your food, most of your health care, most of your quality of life and much of your quantity of life.  Look at life today in a third-world pesthole, or 18th century America.

Jammiewearingfool wrote a good article, with a great video clip showing the fraud of anti-ANWR ads.  But I really love the money quote:

Everybody is preaching about saving our resources and my question is saving them for what?


CO2 Abatement is Like Homeowner’s Insurance

Posted in Pseudo-Science, Short Comments on July 11, 2008 by ragnard

On Climate Skeptic, there was a post yesterday that (at the end) addressed an intellectually dishonest argument used by warmenists.  Here is the money quote:

When proponents of the precautionary principle say “Well, CO2 abatement is like insurance — you buy insurance on your house, don’t you,” I answer, “Not if the insurance costs more than the cost to replace the house, I don’t.”

Good point.  But there is another error in the question.  The analogy would be if someone rang your doorbell after dinner, asking you to pay him $1000 in cash for “insurance”.  When you question whether or not he represents an insurance company, he calls you a holocaust denier and then threatens to sue you into submission.

You may or may not need insurance, but this crook doesn’t have any insurance to sell.  He wants to take you for a ride.

Boston Hackney Division Has Too Much Power

Posted in Short Comments on July 8, 2008 by ragnard

posted earlier about the absurd notion that increasing complexity is a good justification for the Federal Reserve to grab more power.  Well, here is an article showing that regulators can’t even handle 1800 taxis in Boston.  Here’s the money quote, showing the everyone-loses nature of altruism perfectly:

…they can’t pick up passengers in surrounding cities, so if they drop someone off in Cambridge they have to drive back across the Charles River, passing by any hopeful people standing on corners, desperately trying to flag down a ride into Boston.

But, somehow, they will handle a multitrillion dollar economy??

Abstract Principle –> Real Consequences

Posted in Fighting Against Jihad, Hate America First, Short Comments on June 28, 2008 by ragnard

How many innocent people did this terrorist kill?  Let’s call this the “moonbat toll”, the people killed due to the real consequences of their sick ideas.

Obama’s Religion

Posted in Fighting Against Jihad, Short Comments on June 13, 2008 by ragnard

A while ago, I wrote that Obama has lied about his religion.  He was a muslim, and for all I can tell, still is.  Someone from Reuters actually posted some taqiyya on my blog.

Today, Melanie Phillips writes in the Spectator a devastating analaysis of “Princess Obama Syndrom”.  The money quote is:

To repeat once again for sufferers from PODS: the issue is NOT Obama’s religion, now or in the past. It is the many questions which need to be answered about a) why he has sought to conceal his early background; b) why he has so many indirect associations with radical Islamism; and c) whether these two questions are in some way related.

My only disagreement is that I think his religion does matter.  Islam is waging a war to destroy our civilization.  Every cleric, every sheik, every imam, and every ayatollah from San Francisco to North Carolina to Saudi Arabia to Pakistan agrees.  The Great Satan must die.

While this does not mean that every muslim wants to destroy the United States, it would be suicide to elect a muslim as President.  And, by the way, this particular musim has numerous close friends and associates who are radical islamists or friendly to their cause.

Are Leftists Trying to Destroy America?

Posted in Fighting Against Jihad, Hate America First, Short Comments on June 12, 2008 by ragnard

Yesterday, I asked if Dems are trying to hurt the economy.  Today, I ask if leftists are trying to destroy the country altogether.

Charles at Little Green Footballs writes that the Supreme Court has ruled that terrorists–who were caught in battle trying to pretend to be civilians and/or hiding behind civilians and/or trying to murder civilians–have constitutional rights and can fight in US civilian courts.

Oh my god.  How wrong is this?  How evil??

I think I will write a lot more on this topic, but the bottom line is that you can’t fight a war with the rules that bind police and the courts dealing with a criminal in a civil society.  (Obviously, you can’t deal with a criminal in a civil society the way you would deal with an enemy soldier on a battlefield, either).

There is no way that these f—ers on the Supreme Court, or their sympathizers in the media or the Obama campaign can possibly be thinking about the principles of the matter.  This is so obviously about trying to appease our enemies.

To what end?

Why do leftists always “err” on the side of death and destruction?