I am a generation X techie guy.  I am an Objectivist, though this blog is not primarily about Objectivism or philosophy.  I love good food, great beer, find wine, single malt highland scotch, muscle cars, high-end architecture, and high-energy music (from metal to jazz to classical).  For fun, I read JRR Tolkien, Terry Goodkind, and Robert Jordan.

And I am angry.  I am #$%*^! pissed!  Every day, I read about fraud committed in the name of “science”, treason committed in the name of “freedom of the press”, extortion in the name of protecting the people, rising taxes, crippling regulations, and surrender in the name of toleration.

Rather than be angry all alone, I thought it would be better to join the fight for ideas.  If enough people change their thinking, then we can take America back.  Otherwise, it’s the long slide down the sewer (if the jihadis don’t nuke us first).

I can be reached at ragnard (*at*) swarmail (*dot*) com


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