In the Name of God, I Kill Thee

Today, Christians do not kill in the name of their god.  This may be due, in part, to what their bible does or does not say.  Or, as I believe, it has more to do with the culture today–still guided by the Enlightenment.

I was interested to see a little spat between Robert Spencer and Glenn Reynolds:

Well, I believe in evolution, memetic as well as physical, and I think that if violence works, more people will use it, and the religious doctrine to justify that will follow. Am I right, or is Robert Spencer right? The world had better hope that Spencer is, since our spineless powers-that-be seem determined to conduct the experiment. . . .

I think Reynolds is right.  Let’s not forget that for a period of 1000 years, plus or minus, Christians were constantly killing in the name of their god.  They could begin again (though I don’t think that this is imminent).

I think there is another, more important, point here.  Instead of focusing on defending Christianity (or Hinduism or Judaism, etc.) I think we need to focus on the fact that islamism is the enemy.  We can work together without having to argue theology on the problem of defeating the jihad.  I am not interested in Christianity per se.  I am very interested in defeating the jihadists permanently.

I don’t want to be fighting a war “on terrorism” for the rest of my life, replete with airport psuedo-security checks and other humiliations, not to mention the actual acts of mass murder on American soil!


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