Collectivism by Any Other Name…

Oh, the irony.  I somehow ended up, following links from one blog to another, on this site, which looks to be a white supremacist forum.  This is the money quote:

Not only do blacks lack the requisite collective smarts and sense to self-police the menacingly savage element from within their ranks, they are impulsively tribal and thus do not countenance any criticism of their fellow blacks, even of the ghetto thug elements. In fact, the “typical black person” (thanks, Obama for allowng me to make that statement) views criticism of one black person from any source as an attack on all blacks. This is why we cannot share a society with them and this is why we must separate ourselves from them.

So blacks are tribalist, and thus our tribe needs to band together as a tribe and treat their tribe as a tribe?

Hey Mr. Mark Jaws (the guy who wrote this brilliant gem)!  If you could only see the irony in this (or perhaps the right word is blatant irrationality and tribalism)!


It seems to me (but then I suppose these people would call me a “race traitor” or a “Jew”) that the issue is culture, not race.  Some cultures have (or had) a universal respect for the rule of objective law.  Others have a nearly universal disrepespect for law and order.

Focusing on race and ignoring culture, values, and ideas is not simply wrong or wrongheaded.  It is immoral and a betrayal of the very you claim to espouse.



This article, by Mychal Massie, the chairman of the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives-Project 21, is a clear example of my point.

He is a black man who is able to see the marxism and racism in Obama’s positions.  Thank you Mr. Massie.


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