One Down, 1347 to Go!

PowerLine Blog today writes “One down, one to go.”  President Bush has repealed the executive order (or whatever it is) that outlawed oil drilling on the continential shelves of both coasts.  Now Congress must repeal their own law.

There is more than just one to go.  First, as PowerLine notes, lawsuits by enviros could block drilling for decades.

But let’s take this one further.  The US Constitution provides for Congress to make legislation, the courts to ajudicate it, and the executive (of which the President is the top officer) to enforce it.  Where oh where did the president obtain the power to make his own laws?!?

After we correct the laws that enable wackos to sue to block progress, we need to repeal whatever it was that granted the president the power to make laws.

This is part of what I mean by “take America back”.


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