Journalist “Embedded” with Taliban

What does it mean for someone to be “embedded” with an enemy terrorist group?  Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs writes today that this is sickening.  Yes, it is.

But more, the Taliban are at war with the United States of America.  To “embed” with them is to join with them.  So this “journalist” becomes a partisan for the enemy.  And if this is done on behalf of AP, then that makes the AP traitors and the enemy.  Justice demands freezing the assets of AP, declaring them to be an enemy combatant group, arresting every director and officer, and employee, disbanding the AP, and criminalizing membership in the AP.

If this sounds radical, then my answer is that the very notion of a free and sovereign country is radical.  Let’s start acting like we take it seriously before we lose it.



Heh.  Ace of Spades has the money quote:

“No word yet if the AP will be charging the Taliban if they use the photos or excerpts of the story on their jihadi recruitment sites.”


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