Why People Lie

Yesterday, I posted a rhetorical question about why the CEOs of a dozen major airlines are calling for massive damage to be inflicted on the US economy.  I don’t for a minute believe that they are simply that ignorant of economics.  I wondered if they are that evil, or being blackmailed.

Ace of Spades’ post yesterday gave me another theory:

McCain, wisely, has chosen to pretend we’re in a recession, because to claim otherwise sets him for the media attacking him for “being out-of-touch with the concerns of ordinary Americans.”

McCain knows we’re not in a recession.

So it’s “wisdom” to pretend what’s not true, because otherwise one could be “attacked” by the media for being “out of touch” with irrational feelings.  As opposed to reality, but who cares about that!

I guess I had not considered that this might explain the behavior of the airline CEOs.

I guess I must not be wise, for thinking that one must not lose touch with reality.


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