CO2 Abatement is Like Homeowner’s Insurance

On Climate Skeptic, there was a post yesterday that (at the end) addressed an intellectually dishonest argument used by warmenists.  Here is the money quote:

When proponents of the precautionary principle say “Well, CO2 abatement is like insurance — you buy insurance on your house, don’t you,” I answer, “Not if the insurance costs more than the cost to replace the house, I don’t.”

Good point.  But there is another error in the question.  The analogy would be if someone rang your doorbell after dinner, asking you to pay him $1000 in cash for “insurance”.  When you question whether or not he represents an insurance company, he calls you a holocaust denier and then threatens to sue you into submission.

You may or may not need insurance, but this crook doesn’t have any insurance to sell.  He wants to take you for a ride.


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