Open Letter Calling for Damage to US Economy

That’s not what they called it, of course.  The CEO’s of a dozen major airlines are calling for massive damage to be done to the US economy, higher energy prices, and a long depression to follow.

It’s hard to know if they are being blackmailed into taking this absurd position.  But I don’t believe it’s possible that this many top business leaders could be so ignorant of economics:

  • Traders have no power to raise prices
  • Traders are not guaranteed a profit, and can even lose money
  • Big players have gone bust trying to manipulate much smaller, less liquid markets

My question is this.  Are they saying this because they’re being blackmailed, because they think that they can get government to suppress or loot others, or for the sheer evil of it?

No matter, evil will be the only result of this.

Side note: I wonder if they realize most people would include “flying less” in their notion of “conservation”.

Why do so few people either understand what a free market is, or stand up and defend it when it comes under attack.  Government intrusions into the economy are the reason why oil is now so expensive.  Do we really want more of the poison that’s making us sick?


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