Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Recently, I saw an ad for a “food bank”.  Passing thought: the word “bank” is totally inappropriate.  With food banks, one group of people exclusively makes deposits, and another group exclusively makes withdrawals.  It’s a transfer scheme, not a bank!

Anyways, their motto is “neighbors helping neighbors”.  I sure hope not!  I don’t want homeless bums, beggars, moochers, losers, and criminals hiding out in my neighborhood!

Most of us work to provide food for ourselves.  We save for retirement, we pay for insurance policies, etc.  For various reasons, some people don’t.  That’s their problem.

I don’t want people like that around me!

What’s that?  Did I hear someone call me a “racist”?  That’s projection, bud.  I said “homeless beggars, losers, and criminals.”  If you interpreted this to be a particular race, that is your judgement.  I am happy to have neighbors who are white, black, brown, yellow, and red.  I just expect all of them to be rational, to respect themselves and others, to work productively, and to plan long-range.

Did someone call me a “fascist”?  Nice try, to stick this label on me for disagreeing.  This is called “argumentum ad hominem”.  Look it up.

I am happy to help my neighbors.  I am not happy to let people suck my blood to make up for their own failure to work or plan ahead.


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