Where Are the Honest Politicians?

Two questions often come up in discussion.  First, is this or that poltician “stupid”?  Second, look at out how out-of-touch the “ruling elites” are.

My answer to both is always the same.  I think they are giving people what they want.  They are smart, but utterly devoid of principles, particularly honesty and integrity.  And they are savvy enough to track what the voters want, and then give it to them.

A recent post on Climate Skeptic helps me make this point.  CS prints James Hansen’s “forecast” when he testified before Congress in 1988.  Hansen was an alarmist, and his predictions were simply wrong.

Why do few people look back at Hansen’s original testimony that got this global warmenism scare started?  His testimony and charts are a matter of public record, and absurdly easy in this Age of Google to find.

Does anyone think that merely submitting this as a letter to the editor would make the NY Times publish it, change their views, or convince the public to abandon the madness of “carbon footprinting”?

There is only one explanation that I can think of to fit the data.  People don’t care much about facts.

This uncaring attitude is not unique to politicians.  It is shared (led by) journalists.  And it is certainly true or the majority of people in our great “democracy”*.

If the majority of the population doesn’t care about facts, then a dictatorship is the form of government it shall have.  Unfortunately, that’s not good for the rest of us!


*Actually, the USA was not founded as a Democracy.  It was a Republic.


2 Responses to “Where Are the Honest Politicians?”

  1. “And they are savvy enough to track what the voters want, and then give it to them.”
    Perhaps it’s my old age, but I do not remember a great clamor from the public at large in favor of seat belt laws. Nor the nationwide 55mph speed limit. Nor Nixon’s price and wage controls. Nor ever more stringent DUI standards.
    I do remember small, vocal groups wishing for the above though.

  2. ragnard Says:

    I would encourage you to go out and argue with people about seatbelt laws, price restrictions on milk, or minimum wage laws. Or car fuel economy restrictions–CAFE (which takes the place of speed limit advocacy today).

    While there may not always be that much clamoring for this stuff, I think the majority support it passively. Given a choice between spiraling into tyranny and restoring liberty and respect for the Constitution, I think far less than 1 in 10 would choose the latter.

    I wish I were wrong on this. It would be a heckuva lot easier to simply motivate everyone to vote in a new crop of politicians than to persuade them that their ideas are wrong!

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