Right Argument for Right Reasons

In contrast to the many, many blind elephants out there, Ace of Spades writes about the myth of global warmenism.  He talks about California’s current focus on usage of cement and concrete.  They look to be contemplating reducing concrete usage by law.

Here’s the money quote:

Yup. All we need to do is stop cutting down trees (also known as “carbon sinks”), stop making cement, and stop burning anything and we can keep our planet pristine.

And also, dead, because the population will quickly reduce itself to almost nothing, the same as it was during the Stone Age. Which I suspect is the ultimate goal.

I continue to believe that global warmenism will die, unlike many other myths like Keynesian economics.  The reason is that people who attack warmenism are doing it at the root of it.

They are making the right argument for the right reasons.


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