Global Warmening Skeptics

A while back, I wrote a post and another post about prominent people who have stood up to oppose the fraud of global warming.  I said it’s inevitable that this hoax will collapse, because the people opposing it are right, for the right reasons.

I just found another man writing to say the entire Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  Dr. Vincent Gray was a member of their Expert Reviewers Panel since the inception of IPCC.  There are two money quotes.  The first is:

The only “reform” I could envisage, would be its abolition.

The second is:

The two main “scientific” claims of the IPCC are the claim that “the globe is warming” and “Increases in carbon dioxide emissions are responsible”. Evidence for both of these claims is fatally flawed.

This is no sight-challenged pachyderm saying that welfare is “inefficient” or that the health care “system” must provide for those in “need”.  He is saying that there is no science employed at IPCC, that the globe isn’t warming, that there is nothing wrong with CO2, and that the IPCC is a politicized organization with no use for facts, reason, or science.

How long can something claiming to be science stand, when every scientist with integrity is moving against it?  When every attack undermines its very claim to science and indeed legitemacy?

I predict less than 10 years, and maybe a lot less.


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