Racism Advances

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs writes today about the “black” national anthem played in Denver.

This is a logical, inevitable step on the path laid out by Martin Luther King and others who follow his legacy.  He didn’t merely demand a repeal of unjust laws.  He also demanded that special legal privileges be grante by law to black people.  In fact, that’s how many lawyers define the term “minority”: a member of a legally privileged group.

So today, we have the farce that some (thankfully not all!) members of the black race seek to celebrate their racial membership.  And of course the contradiction that a group of whites seeking to celebrate their race would (rightfully) be condemmed as a bunch of racist buffoons.

Of course, the biggest tragedy about this is that one cannot gain anything by celebrating or taking (pseudo) “pride” in one’s race.  OK, you’re black.  That’s nice.  What have you accomplished?  Americans get that members of the European aristocracy that do nothing but rest on the laurels of their noble blood are useless.  Why don’t we get that about members of the black race who do nothing but rest on the laures of their black blood?

This country was founded on the notion of the trader principle.  If you have something I want, and I have something you want, then we can trade.  If not, then we nod politely to eachother as we pass, and move on with our lives.

Today, it seems like there is a victim principle.  If you can somehow claim to be a member of a group that is now, or was at one time, a recognized victim group, then you are entitled to mooch and loot others.  This is simply marxism, with slightly rejiggered classes.  It’s not about the proletarians; now it’s about the blacks and the Iriqois.

Gone is the trader principle.  If you’re black, you need not offer something of value.  You simply show up with your claim check embedded in your skin.  Others will be forced by the government to give you whatever you want.

From each non-victim group according to their abilities, to each victim according to his desires.

Well, what happens when:

  • the non-victim groups redefine themselves as victim groups
  • the non-victim groups begin to resent the injustice of this
  • the desires of the victim groups exceed the capacity of the non-victims to provide

This last item is, of course, the most fundamental reason why communism always results in mass-death.  Sure, communism destroys motivation.  But more importantly, it is just a contradiction in terms.  When consumption is not tied to production, starvation is the result.  When a building’s ceiling is not supported by its walls, crashing to the ground is the result.


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