Morality as Prerequisite for Prosperity

Instapundit writes on the topic of whether morality is a “luxury good”.  I can’t tell from his brief post whether he agrees with this premise.

This is what I think we need to take America Back from!  This notion that being amoral, immoral, evil, or vicious is practical.  This claim that the way to make it out of poverty is to rape, lie, cheat, steal, pillage, burn, and murder.  And that only us fortunate enough to live in wealthy comfort can afford morality.

That it’s OK for people to live in brutality and terror in Africa, because they haven’t developed the wealth necessary to afford the luxury of moral principles.  It’s not only NOT OK, but without moral principles they will never ever rise out of brutality.

Most people believe:

morality = altruism = self-sacrafice

Obviously, only rich people have sufficient wealth to sacrafice some.

But a proper morality isn’t self-sacrafice.  It is the basis for relating fact to value, is to ought, a guide to success in life.

Until Americans learn this fundamental truth, they will thow the word “selfish” as if this is the most mortal insult conceivable.  I have even heard people call suicide bombers “selfish”.  This is because they want to call them “evil”, but lack the proper understanding of what evil is.  Evil is looking after one’s interests, right?  Like Big Oil, Big Fast Food, and Big Software?

Until Americans learn to distinguish between a thug who kills someone for a dollar and a businessman who produces and sells a product for a dollar, we’re stuck condemning the best and brightest.  We’re stuck unable to condemn our enemy (who is much more selfLESS than any American).  We’re stuck enacting horrible laws to loot successful people and businesses, and to prevent them from being able to produce in the first place.

Morality belongs up there along with the other “luxuries” like air, water, food, shelter, clothing, and sleep.


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