Fascism by Any Other Name…

Here is a perfectly fascist proposal.  In fascism, nominal private ownership is tolerated.  But it is subjected to coercive controls from government.  Robert Zubrin makes the case that it is economical to burn methanol, so therefore car makers have to be threated by the force of a gun into making cars capable of burning methanol.

I guess he thinks that free people in a free market end up with poorly conceived products that force them into bankruptcy.  Good thing Good Government is here to force producers to make what they would otherwise not, and save the day!

Wait a second, Mr. Zubrin.  Look past your contempt for the average car buyer for a moment.  Are you saying that people are so stupid as to forego a $100 investment that wil save them thousands of dollars per year?!?

I guess they’re smart enough to vote for your proposal, eh?

As I said a few minutes ago, the solution is simple.  Take back the oil from the islamists who stole it from us.  And de-regulate energy domestic production including nuclear.  Problem solved.  But that wouldn’t be as much fun as coercing the population, would it Mr.Zubrin?


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