Alternative Energy

Jammiewearingfool writes today about envirowackos’ latest efforts to block development of solar energy.

No one has offered a definition of “alternative”.  Let me try.  Alternative means “unfeasible”.  Alternative energy is any source of energy that is too costly, low-powered, non-portable, or otherwise not feasible or effective.

Nuclear power is out.  Hydroelectric dams are out.  Now is solar next?

For the record, I think we have two good solutions to the problem that most oil production today is controlled by murderous thugs:

1) Take our oil back.  They stole it from us by force when they “nationalized” it in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Let’s take it back.

2) Develop our own.  Repeal all of the laws and regulations preventing companies from producing oil in Alaska.  And the great lakes.  And the oil shale out west.  And the Gulf.  And the Pacific and Atlantic shelves.  And California, and other places wherever oil companies can find it.

The current path is suicide.


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