Obama’s Religion

A while ago, I wrote that Obama has lied about his religion.  He was a muslim, and for all I can tell, still is.  Someone from Reuters actually posted some taqiyya on my blog.

Today, Melanie Phillips writes in the Spectator a devastating analaysis of “Princess Obama Syndrom”.  The money quote is:

To repeat once again for sufferers from PODS: the issue is NOT Obama’s religion, now or in the past. It is the many questions which need to be answered about a) why he has sought to conceal his early background; b) why he has so many indirect associations with radical Islamism; and c) whether these two questions are in some way related.

My only disagreement is that I think his religion does matter.  Islam is waging a war to destroy our civilization.  Every cleric, every sheik, every imam, and every ayatollah from San Francisco to North Carolina to Saudi Arabia to Pakistan agrees.  The Great Satan must die.

While this does not mean that every muslim wants to destroy the United States, it would be suicide to elect a muslim as President.  And, by the way, this particular musim has numerous close friends and associates who are radical islamists or friendly to their cause.


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