Libertarian Support for Jihad

There is little difference between libertarianism’s anarchist bias and murderous jihad idealogy–and none that matters where the bodies hit the road.  I sometimes link to Coyote because he is thoughtful.  Well, today, he is blind, cavalier, and just plain old horribly wrong:

I am a bit late to this, having just gotten back in town, but this is extraordinarily good news: [that the Supreme Court is compromising our war effort]

To be clear, I agree with the title of his essay.  Rights are an attribute of humans not Americans.  But one does not wage a war with the sort of prissy, blind dogmatic, politically-correct notion that today governs our police and courts.

In a war, you shoot to kill.  You don’t throw away the lives of American soldiers trying to “arrest” enemy soldiers to bring back for trial.  You don’t throw away the lives of American soldiers (or Americans) by holding back during interrogation.

And you don’t give procedural protections (“rights” is the wrong word in any case) to skulking enemies who pretend to be civilians, hide behind civilians, and/or deliberately seek to harm civilians.  You extract every bit of information that they have and dump their remains in a ditch somewhere.

And you back this up with a policy that seeks to avoid warfare whenever possible, and which seeks to win as quickly as possible when necessary.  You don’t pretend that the enemy can’t be named, you don’t pretend that the “war” is against a tactic, and you don’t pretend that our “dispute” is with a particular leader.  You fight to win as quickly as possible so that you can end the hell that is war and go back to the goodness of peacetime!

Showing mercy to the enemy–much less releasing enemy combatants in wartime–is a good way to ensure more suffering to Americans.  Don’t innocent Americans have rights too?  What ever happened to those rights?

It is the rights of Americans that our government exists to protect.


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