Are Leftists Trying to Destroy America?

Yesterday, I asked if Dems are trying to hurt the economy.  Today, I ask if leftists are trying to destroy the country altogether.

Charles at Little Green Footballs writes that the Supreme Court has ruled that terrorists–who were caught in battle trying to pretend to be civilians and/or hiding behind civilians and/or trying to murder civilians–have constitutional rights and can fight in US civilian courts.

Oh my god.  How wrong is this?  How evil??

I think I will write a lot more on this topic, but the bottom line is that you can’t fight a war with the rules that bind police and the courts dealing with a criminal in a civil society.  (Obviously, you can’t deal with a criminal in a civil society the way you would deal with an enemy soldier on a battlefield, either).

There is no way that these f—ers on the Supreme Court, or their sympathizers in the media or the Obama campaign can possibly be thinking about the principles of the matter.  This is so obviously about trying to appease our enemies.

To what end?

Why do leftists always “err” on the side of death and destruction?


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