No More Freedom of Speech in Canada

Coyote writes about the end of freeedom of speech in Canada.  This is scary stuff.  Very scary.

Someone once asked Ayn Rand when it would be appropriate to go on strike.  Her answer, if I recall correctly, was that in a free marketplace of ideas, the truth must always win.  It has the advantage of being true.  But in a dictatorship, people can be thrown in jail, tortured, or killed for speaking their mind.  If the government ceases respecting the individual right of freedom of speech, then that is the time to go on strike.

Compared to this issue, the right to keep and bear arms is minor.  One does not defend one’s self against a popular dictatorship by shooting.  One uses ideas to persuade people to change the system.  Once persuasion is not allowed, then the individual is dead.  This was the point of Rand’s novel We the Living.

It looks like the left is getting close to its goal in Canada.


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