Blind Elephant Fascists

So Bill O’Reilly writes today:

“Congress must mandate by law – by law – that American auto companies begin mass producing flex fuel vehicles…”

Let’s be clear here, Bill.  By law means by force.  The choices of consumers in the marketplace–and god forbid the choices of the manufacturers themselves–do not matter.  Once Congress has picked up the bloody gun–by law by law–it’s all good.  So think the arrogant elites that are so smug in their high-handed opinions that they feel entitled to pick up a gun to the end the argument.

The gun is needed to end the argument when you can’t win by reason, isn’t it Bill?

In the eyes of fascists everywhere, this is what makes it so moral–so perfect so perfect!

Fascism, of course, is the social system based on nominal private ownership but under government command and control.

The irony is that this is published under the banner “Set America Free.”  Who was it, again, who said “freedom is slavery” and “ignorance is bliss”?

Mr. O’Reilly meet Mr. Orwell.  I think you two have something to chat about.


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