Leftists Are Not Stupid

This is a point I try to make time and again.  Someone will say that a mutual acqaintance is “dumb” or Obama is stupid.  They give me a blank look when I say “irrational, not stupid.”

Charles at LGF makes a great point about leftists confusing anonymous commenters on a blog vs. offically sanctioned contributors to the blog site.

Normally, leftists try to blur this line to smear center-right blog owners; they’ve been using this tactic against me for years. It shows that they’re willing and able to switch their line of attack around 180 degrees, depending on who they’re smearing or who they’re trying to defend.

This can’t be overemphasized.  They point out logical errors when it suits them, and commit those same logical errors when it suits them.  This means that the cause is dishonesty, not mere stupidity or ignorance.

They Hate America First, and this is not honest nor is it a mistake.


3 Responses to “Leftists Are Not Stupid”

  1. Leftists are not stupid, just dishonest hypocrites.

  2. […] Give Nukes to Saudia Arabia! Yesterday, I noted that leftists aren’t stupid (they’re evil).  Although they commit every logical […]

  3. […] quite.  As I have been saying and saying, it’s not stupidity.  It’s irrationality, dishonesty, and evil. Possibly […]

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