School Principles Need ‘Educaiton’

Apparently, in Cleveland, it’s become a running joke.  Graduates from a high school there received diplomas with the word mis-spelled as “educaiton.’  OK, mistakes are sometimes made.  But those of us in private business know that we have to earn our money.  We sweat over details–like spelling and grammar on sell sheets and presentations that we give to customers.  Because money can be lost over such carelessness.

Jammiewearingfool says that the principal of the school should be fired for incompetence.  I don’t know.  And I don’t mean this as disagreement with him.  But rather, that public schools are set up to be as opaque as possible so that no one is accountable for anything.  And, anyways, jobs are guaranteed for life.

It’s not possible to know who to fire, or if this was truly an unavoidable accident which doesn’t call for someone’s head on a platter.  Without transparency or accountability, we’re left with Jammie’s straw man “teachers work hard” vs. Jammie’s “fire the bozo for incompetence.”

Businesses are not managed with such coarse targeting.  Why are schools?  Because marxism does not acknowledge that some workers are better than others.  As I said, public schools are one of the 10 planks from the Communist Manifesto that Republicans today endorse.  Let alone Democrats.


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