Airport Security

Shortly after the act of war that destroyed part of NY City and the Pentagon, and which could have been much worse if our enemies were a bit luckier, there was a rational voice on the topic of security.  This voice (I don’t remember who it was) said:

You don’t defend against enemies at the airline counters.  You bring the fight to their home countries.

We decided not to pursue the countries that are the biggest supporters of terrorism: Iran and Saudi Arabia.  Instead, we have been chasing the illusion of security by making air travel ever more aggravting.

Today, Brian writes on SixMeatBuffet about a new intrusion:

Body-scanning machines that show images of people underneath their clothing are being installed in 10 of the nation’s busiest airports in one of the biggest public uses of security devices that reveal intimate body parts. [emphasis in original]

This is just the next degree of the same principle they’ve been using since the hijackings of the 1970’s.  We can trade little liberty for security because, in this instance, it will work somehow.  What we’re doing is imposing martial law on law-abiding citizens.  This has nothing whatsoever to do with actual security against state-funded terrorists waging war against us (and it won’t stop them just as every previous measure hasn’t stopped them).

I agree with Brian.  I don’t fly unless I must for work.  I drive up to 800 miles, and fly only if I don’t have time or if the distance is greater than that.


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