What Happened to Our Culture??

Once upon a time, people were honest and acted with integrity.  Today, everyone from the newspaper delivery boy to news anchormen to the Governor of New York State lies whenever it’s convenient.

The standard used to be reality.  True was true, false was false, and no one quibbled over the meaning of the word “is”.  Nowadays, newsanchormen brazenly lie and commit forgery on a whim.  The standard today is: people.  “Whatever works” means “whatever you can get away with” means “whatever people will believe.”

What happened, America?


One Response to “What Happened to Our Culture??”

  1. yochanan Says:

    the more whoppers you can tell in politics the better two weeks ago obama said what is to worry about iran and then at AIPAC he acted like it was ww3.

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