Why Donkeys (almost) Always Beat Elephants

This link to Climate Skeptic is a case in point (yeah, I know, Mr. Meyers is not an elephant, but the principle is the same).  Here is a guy who opposes both government intrusion into the economy and the bogus claims of warmening.  And yet, he writes:

The current … bill would … have an unmeasureably small impact on global temperatures.  Further, most economists (and I) have argued that a carbon tax is a much more efficient way of achieveing the same goals.

You’d never know that he believed that the very goals he talks about achieving are wrong!  You’d never know that he believes that it’s wrong for the government to pick up a gun in order to force the population to obey its ever-changing edicts.

You can’t win a debate by conceding your adversary’s most important ideas.

He also misses something important about “trading” in “certificates”.  To say the words “free market” means to refer to people who choose to trade value in exchange for value.  To each trader, he gives up a lesser value (to himself) for a greater value (to himself).  The whole notion of a “market” in “certificates” is to try to trade–not values–but arbitrary edicts.  It’s a perverted game of musical chairs with the rule that whoever doesn’t buy a chair is forced out of business.

Freedom and brute force don’t mix.

Otherwise, I agree with the article.  Congress loves hiding taxes and edicts.  They love blame-shifting.  For example, oil prices are high today due to Congressional prohibitions on oil and gas exploration off the Atlantic and Pacific coats, the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes, Alaska, and a dozen other places.  Oh, and they have effectively outlawed construction of any new nuclear plants.  So the blame goes to the oil companies(!)

One of the commenters points out one of the (many) other consequences this would have:

Imagine — I can move my factory to China and also get carbon credits to sell.

Corporations today have more choices than every before where to locate factories.  Today, they move them to low labor-cost places like China.  If “certificate trading” is enacted into law, corporations will have incentive to move factories to places with less transparency and accountability (which may or may not overlap the places with low labor costs).

The science behind global warming is junk, the economics behind certificate trading is bankrupt, the idealogy behind totalitarian government is evil.  And in practice, the consequences will be horrible.


I read down on the Climate Skeptic page and saw this post.  He summarizes the enviro’s true agenda:

Don’t you understand!?  We don’t care about CO2.  It is just a convenient cover for the socialist wealth reduction policies we really want.  If we found a way to produce wealth and energy without CO2, then we would have to find a new Trojan Horse issue.  That is why we oppose nuclear power, and will find something wrong with solar and wind power when they become economic.


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