The Road to Hell is Paved with

I just spotted this absolutely epic case of blind elephantitis, by Richard H. Collins.  Let’s dissect, shall we?

If the race comes down to speaking ability, or likeability, Obama will win.

In other words, Mr. Collins worries whether or not McCain really differs from Obama on any, like, you know, actual principles (he doesn’t differ on any, except the war against jihadists).

[Obama] offers nothing but the failed big government solutions

Would that the Republicans offered something else…  Can you say “McCain-Feingold”??

Obama makes a lot of promises. He promises universal health care … But it doesn’t take an economist to figure out that this is an expensive project and no amount of technology can magically give people free health care. Someone will have to pay more.

Show me a Republican that actually stands for repealing expensive programs.  Even the vaunted Newt Gingrich–when Republicans controlled both houses and the executive–did not zero out any programs or agencies.

Obama wants to tell companies where and how they can run their businesses. He wants to restrict trade…

And the Republicans believe in laissez-faire and unrestricted trade??!?!?

But here’s the real money quote:

But a middle class built on union power is a vision from the past not the future.

In other words, there is nothing wrong in principle with the government granting a franchise to initiate the use of physical force against law-abiding companies.  It’s just that, while this “worked” 100 years ago, somehow it does not apply today.

Mr. Collins makes a few good points, but once again, the elephant seems to want to concede to the donkey.  And he is not acknowledging that the Republican Party of 2008 is not all that different from the last generation Democratic Party.  It is not different in principles at all, nor much different in concrete policies.

Someone ought to enumerate the 10 planks outlined by Karl Marx in The Communist Manifesto and compare to the platform of the current Republican Party.  The similarities might be disturbing.


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