China Rising

I saw a show last night that was called either China Rising or China Rises.  Anyways, it showed the clear contradictions of “economic” liberty combined with “political” dictatorship.

The show interviewed a number of people and followed them through their daily lives.  A few particular people stood out.  They were women who had owned a home, until a developer in partnership with the government expropriated their property, evicted them, and built modern skyscrapers of the sort that are now climing all over Shanghai.

The people who were thus abused would like to go back to communism.  Because to them, the false alternative is “communism” where others are as poor as you and you can own your own home vs. “capitalism” where the government strong-arms you out of your family home so that a developer can rake in the bucks (and pass a few to his cronies in the government).

One woman’s husband is in jail, for “subsersive activities.”  His actual crime?  He was a lawyer who represented some of these evicted women against the government and developer who forced them out of their homes.

This is an unstable situation, and it will either lead to further reductions in the power of the state, or rerverting to reductions in the liberty of the individual.

Meanwhile, in the homeland, eminent domain for the benefit of any interest group who wants to grab your land continues to roll forward…

The show also interviewed the a few members of the young generation, who are educated and who make alot of money.  They were all very happy about the changes.  One admited:

Sure, China is totalitarian.  But I keep to my own business.  There is alot that happens that I don’t know about.  But things will change one day.

Yup.  That’s just how the Founding Fathers changed the English Monarchy’s control of the colonies.  Not.


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