God Help America

Many people say “God Bless America”.  Reverend Wright had another opinion, “God Damn America.”

In response to Obama’s victory in the Democratic primary, I have a different view:

God Help America!

He should secure the votes of 100% of the Hate America First crowd.  I hope everyone else will see what he stands for:

  • Hate white people
  • Hate Israel
  • Hate industry
  • Hate the “rich” (anyone with positive net worth)
  • Hate anyone who burns fossil fuels
  • Destroy America’s interests domestically (think oil and natural gas exploration) and internationally
  • Love non-productive people (welfare moochers)
  • Love criminals (looters)
  • Love islamists, communist tyrants, and any murderous anti-America regime
  • Love meddling in and hurting the economy

McCain can’t be trusted to save the country.  But Obama can be trusted.  To destroy it.


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