Abolish the FDA?

I’m putting this one into the Blind Elephants bucket.  The author starts out on solid ground:

“Incentives matter in all areas of human endeavor…”

“There is no open marketplace for medical technology…”

He’s right.  But then he segues into another line of reasoning:

“The majority cannot make the leap to see an unregulated marketplace…”

The problem isn’t “making the leap.”  The problem is that people are deeply suspicious and envious of those who succeed in business.  Can you name one recent movie about a good businessman?  How about an evil one?

People believe that drug companies would sell deadly poisons, or at best carelessly make mistakes that would kill people, chasing “the almightly dollar.”  If it has to do with money, people feel it’s evil.

Comments like this one are illustrative:

“Every time there is a disaster involving a drug, device, biologic, etc., the American public asks the FDA to do more…”

He’s right.  The public wouldn’t stand for a free market in drugs and medical devices.  They would clamor for what we have now, or something even more restrictive.  So long as they view the profit motive as the root of all evil, they always will.


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