Abolish the City Crane Inspectors?

No sooner than I finished writing that the people would never stand for a free market in medicine, I read this article talking about the collapse of a crane in NY City.

Nowadays, every rainstorm, draught, tornada, warm day, cold day, or drowning polar bear is blamed on global warming.  And every injury or death is blamed on the lack of regulations:

“If the crane did indeed meet all city safety regulations, what went wrong?”

In case that went by too quickly, let me try to analyze it.  You see, safety is caused by inspectors.  Lack of safety is caused by lack of inspectors, QED.

But we had inspectors, so it’s not possible to even conceive of how the crane crashed!

Anyone who’s rational can see the logical error here.  That is about 1% of the population.


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