How Now, Blind Elephant?

Senator Tom Coburn writes today in the Wall Street Journal that the Republican Party has lost many voters because it has stopped behaving like Republicans.  Simple enough (and true enough).  Today’s Republican Party is virtually indistinguishable from the Democratic Party of 30 years ago (with the exception of their pro-military view).

The first part of the article is pretty good.  It’s not the words, GOP, it’s the deeds!

But then we get to the money quote:

“Compassionate conservatism’s starting point had merit. The essential argument that Republicans should orient policy around how our ideas will affect the poor, the widow, the orphan…”

There you have it.  It’s OK to start with the poor, widows, and orphans.  Just don’t spend “too much” on them!

“…is indisputable – particularly for those who claim, as I do, to submit to an authority higher…”

So much for the idea that the GOP is about free markets.  It’s about how to implement the Christian God’s will on earth.

“Common sense and the Scriptures show that true giving and compassion require sacrifice by the giver…”

So where is a regular guy to go?  One party’s leaders say that it’s about “deliverance from poverty” based on scripture.  The other is driven by hatred for America.

What if you don’t want scripture or multiculturalism rammed down your throat?

Isn’t this a false alternative??


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