Why Not Argue the Right Point?

Instapundit posted this today:


Why not say it simpler:

“Global warming is a myth to justify government power grabs.” — Ragnar Danneskjold

Would carbon rationing really be any better if government bureaucrats were also subject to it?  If I’m starving, it doesn’t help me if you’re also starving (or if the government is rationing your food).



I scrolled down on Instapundit’s site, and I see why not.  He seems to believe in global warming!

“CARBON TRADING: Not bad in principle…”

Actually, Mr. Reynolds, it’s horrible in principle and practice.  Global warming is a lie, a myth, created to cow people into accepting massive new government inrusions into their lives out of fear that the sky will fall.  Second, even if global warming was real, trading carbon permission slips would be a massive, fascist intrusion into our businesses and live.  How could the weather make people think that fascism is, after all, a good thing?  Third, it is the nature of these kinds of intrusions to be corrupt and perverted.  At the end of the day, trading carbon credits will be a massive wealth-transfer scheme.  It will take money out of the hands of everyone and put it into the hands of a group of people with the right kind of political pull.


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