Racism, Natch

This comment by Michelle Obama posted on LGF reminds of something I’ve been thinking about for a while:

“…as a black man … Barack can get shot going to the gas station…” [emphasis in original]

Is there any evidence to even suggest that there are gangs of white thugs who go around shooting black men?:  Of course not.  But shshshhh!

Barack himself noted that the beliefs espoused by his church and his minister “are not particularly controversial.”  I agree with this.  Today, it is accepted by most Americans that blacks have grievances against whites, in a vague, collective way.  And the damage can’t really be undone.  “Whitedom” owes “blackdom” a blank check that can never be paid off, for the damage that “it” did to “them” way back.

This is original sin, but that isn’t my point here.

My point is that Americans today take for granted the god-given right, no the duty, of every black man, woman, and child to resent whitedom.  But white people are not allowed to say this is absurd.  Whites are supposed to bow their heads down in shame and (unearned) guilt.

It’s as if people can’t tell the difference between these two positions:

  1. black people should think and act as individuals, there is no “blackdom” (racial/tribal collective), justice is not collective (or “social”), there is no original sin, and it’s wrong to pass laws that treat black people more favorable than white people, or take from anyone to give, unearned, to anyone else
  2. blacks are inferior and should be enslaved or killed

Are there any mainstream white people articulating position #1 publicly?

Most blacks refuse to admit there is a difference, and most whites are afraid to stand up and say it.

I don’t know how much farther down our present course we can go.


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