Massive Loot-Grab

This week, Representative Maxine Waters dared to say what environmentalists, er., I mean progressive er I mean liberals er, well, they’re just communists, have been thinking for over 100 years.

Just take the loot by force!

Coyote today posted about this.  He only says:

“Maxine Waters thinks she would do a better job for consumers…”

I think it’s more subtle and more profound than that.  I think (aside from the obvious power-lust in such an outrageous statement) the logic goes more like this:

  • Corporations are out to take a profit from ordinary working-class folks
  • Ergo, corporations are evil incarnate
  • Government is of, by, and for the American People
  • Ergo, government is god
  • The government must take over the evil corporations (starting with oil) immediately!

It’s a magic trick to turn evil into good.  I don’t say this facetiously (well, not entirely).  But I think this is approximately the thought process used by Waters and the entire political left.

They don’t have to think about doing a job, for consumers or otherwise.  They don’t have to think about efficiency, production, or losing money (i.e. consuming more than they produce).

Communism is based on faith.


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