So Disovery Channel has a series called “2057”.  They say it is a “unique” blend of drama and science.  The science part is about projecting out 50 years of progress in fields that are currently under research.

The drama part is something else.

Apparently, in 2057, chief surgeons will be female, chief surgery assistants will be black, and the white males will be low-level worker bees.  This is ironic contrast to the actual doctors and scientists who were interviewed.  Unsuprisingly, they are mostly white males.  But hey, women ought to be cardiac surgeons, right?!?  Notwithstanding that the time spent studying in school, the sheer length of the medical school and residency, and the intense pressures of the job don’t seem to appeal to, you know, actual women.

The show spent quite a bit of time highlighting a problem in the medical system of 2057.  This problem is so important that it requires clarity–and action–today to prevent it from ever happening.

No, silly, nothing to do with science.

Apparently, health insurance will cost “1/4 of your salary”.  It wasn’t clear if 2057 is some kind of communist society where all people earn the same amount of money.  So it wasn’t clear whose salary that health insurance would cost 1/4 of.  Or, for that matter, what projections of health care cost were used.  Did they assume that health care provision would be as labor-intensive 50 years from now?  Did they assume that 1/4 of the population would work in health care??

Anyways, the dark side of this is that they showed the viewer the crowded low-technology wards where uninsured people are left to suffer (without the high-tech cures available to the people who do have insurance).

To “dramatize” this, they show a patient who lost his insurance because of his own willful fraud.  The head surgeon risks her career to commit another act of fraud to provide him with an expensive surgery billed to the insurance company of a dead man.

The logo of the ambulence, hospital, and apparently the whole city was, appropriately, “PC”.


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