Thug Capitalism

I just read an article about a crooked government.  It’s run like the ex-KGB organized crime gangs in the ex-Soviet republics.  It has hitmen who run around with AK-47’s looting, grabbing people to take them off for torture that sounds worse than mere waterboarding.  It shuts down companies to extort money.

The term used to describe this fascist hell-hole “Thug Capitalism.”

Why in the world would one use the word “capitalism” to describe its opposite?  To discredit capitalism.

Are Cuba or the People’s Republic of China “Communist Capitalism”?  Was Hitler’s Germany “Nazi Capitalism”?  How about Darfur?  “Anarchist Capitalism”?

What is particularly amazing is that this wasn’t Mother Jones or some other lefty-progressive-enviro-socialist-trendy rag.  This was Forbes, whose subhead used to say “Capitalist Tool” (if I recall correctly).

I guess it’s not just the NY Times that has rotted so deeply that it now tries to destroy what used to be its base.


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