Fraud and Government

I agree 100% with Mr. Reynolds on this one.

Most people see “greedy, selfish businessmen” as the pretty much the root of all evil.  So how do you reign in the evil?  Make it submit to the righteous power of governent, from which all benvolence comes.

This must cause a lot of cognitive dissonance, because this is exactly backwards.  Benighted places like Nigeria or North Korea do not suffer from an excess of businessmen.  The US, which is still the best place in the world to live, has the most restricted government.

Everything that government runs here–I can think of the Post Office, roads, and schools just offhand–is so obviously done poorly compared to what it would be like run by a private business.

And now we have the example of government benefits for retirees.  This is but a microscopic version of what will inevitably hit when the Social Security system collapses.

I know, let’s have governent take over health care!


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