Freedom of Speech vs. Treason

Chares at Little Green Footballs writes that Senator Joe Lieberman sent a letter to “Do No Evil” Google about the jihad propaganda and celebrations of criminal and war acts posted all over YouTube.

The money quote comes from Charlie Cooper’s blog on CNET:

…a veteran U.S. Senator should take a look at the United States Constitution…

I don’t think the issue is whether Lieberman knows that Congress is not supposed to make any laws abridging freedom of speech or the press.

The issue is whether outlawing propaganda for an enemy of the United States is abridgement of freedom of the press.  In a bygone era (when they used to actually, you know, pay attention to the Constitution) they did not beleive so.  Funny how, today, when America-haters trample over every other clause of the Constitution, they somehow find the First Amendment and try to apply it to jihad videos celebrating the death of the Great Satan (the US).


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