Iran’s Threat

Aside from repeatedly calling for death to the “great satan” (the US) and to wipe Israel off the map, and the inconvenient little fact that it’s seeking nuclear weapons, and the particularly vicious form of a vicious religion that they practice, what is the threat of Iran?

According to Obama, there’s no threat.

Ace posted today a long article that mostly hits the nail on the head.  But I do have to chuckle at the example he uses:

Simply put, what is the point of a “negotiation” when neither party can or will settle for a compromise? If a man is absolutely unwilling to work for less than $50,000 per year and his would-be employer is absolutely unwilling to pay him more that $40,000, there’s no “negotiation” to be had. $45,000 per year is not a compromise that either party can accept.

Actually, in this case,the parties do not have an irreconcilable difference of principles.  Both accept the idea that the man is to be paid for his work.  To make this a better example for iran, what if the employer believes that the man should be chained up as a slave, whipped at will, and killed for the slightest look out of place?

But here is the real money quote from this blind elephant:

Iran wishes to have atomic bombs capable of threatening the region, and possibly destroying Tel Aviv and other large Jewish cities which don’t have Muslim holy places within them. We wish them not to have such bombs.

Iran wishes to attack Israel and Lebanon through its ghoulish terrorist proxies Hamas and Hezballah. We wish them not to.

Iran wishes to arm, train, and coordinate attacks on US troops in Iraq in order to destabilize that country, reduce it to a terrorist-spawning failed state, and claim it as a satrapy. We wish them to stop doing so.

Actually, Ace, iran’s wish to destroy israel is not “possible”.  It is written in their holy book, it’s been part of the country’s policy for decades, and it has been declared time and again by its leader.  Iran has actually discussed its cost-benefit analysis that even if Israel retaliated, it would still be worth it because they would lose some people but the Jews would be liquidated.

And while we’re at it, I don’t think iran’s desperate rush to get the nuclear bomb is so that it can attack Israel via proxies.  Nor do I think they are content to fight the US in Iraq any more.  It’s pretty obvious that they mean to take the battle to our homeland.

I agree with a lot of Ace’s analysis after that.  Obama is definitely Mr. Appeasement, and there is no reason to think that appeasing will be any different with iran this time.

And then we get to the money quote:

Obama is absolutely allergic to the threat of military force against Iran, but of course that’s the only card we have. And even that might not work.

What is about reducing their population by 90%, destroying their infrastructure and industry, eliminating their air and sea capability, and taking back their oil that wouldn’t “work”?  It’s not clear if Ace thinks that iran could best us in a firefight, or if he imagines that the “military card” would be limited to some sort of “proportional” response.  Obviously, if we started to kill a few hundred iranian troops, that would not accomplish anything.

There’s only one answer to this.  The blind elephants don’t think we should anihilate iran.  They don’t believe it’s moral.  Which means they either don’t see that it is necessary to protect the lives of Americans.  Or else it means they don’t think that protecting Americans can justify wiping out an enemy.

I only hope that their altruism doesn’t end up destroying us before this world war is over.  It’s been observed many times that the longer we wait before acting decisively, the higher the total cost of the war.  I hope that the escalating costs of ending this will eventually be born by the islamists.


I think I can state it more clearly now.  Iran’s tactics include terrorism, and murdering our troops with landmines.  Its goals include destroying the West, and establishing a caliphate.  We should never confuse the two.  Iran does not want to keep the status quo.  It wants to advance its goals, which is the real danger.


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