American Traitor Adam Gadahn

The Counterterrorism Blog today posted about the mysterious absence of the vicious bastard gadahn.  It certainly sounds like he got what he deserved.  But I think we should also ask about other bastards.

What about the basards of saudi arabia who have been the world’s major financier of terrorsism, including gadahn’s boss bin laden?  What about the other major terrorist exporter iran and their bastards?  What about the bastards in syria, egypt, or libya?  What about the various terrorist gangs themselves such as fatah and hamas who are running governments?  Or hizbollah who is just-about running Lebannon?

Let’s not get too complacent that we got this guy or that guy.  So long as the countries who wage war on us by terrorist proxy are immune, they will keep trying.  And they are closer than ever to getting nuclear bombs.


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