Adaptive Theories

I think we need to coin a new term: adaptive theory.  A proper theory is developed to explain observed data and to predict future events.  Science as such would not be possibe without theories.

But today we have a phenomenon that I think should be called adaptive theories.  An adaptive theory is a pseudo-theory that does not actually explain or understand anything.  It serves to push a political agenda by offering frightening armageddon scenarios unless the government takes tough action (against law-abiding citizens or corporations).

An adaptive theory can be modified as necessary as new data is available.

We are starting to see this with “global warming” now being claimed to predict cooler periods.

Last night, I watched a show that talked about the Earth’s changing landscape and climate.  No, not in recent years.  Over the past 65,000,000 years.  I was curious how the poltically-correct Professor Emeritus from Virginia would somehow marry the fact that the climate has had radical changes over this period of time, and the adaptive theory of warmening.

I had totally underestimated this man.  I guess that’s why he is a Professor Emeritus and I am just a geek with a blog!

He was able to declare the following propositions.  With a straight face.

  • The Earth “should” be cooling now
  • It’s not cooling as it should
  • Starting around 5000BC, man started to dump CO2 into the atmosphere
  • Danger Will Robinson!  DANGER!!!

Let’s take these one by one.  The first doozy is that there “should” be cooling.  Did someone die and make Dr. Emeritus a god?  What presumption that reality doesn’t match with his theory.  “Obviously” that means reality is being tampered with!  Don’t even suggest that maybe his theory is wrong.

The last I checked, one of the many many problems of warmening advocates is that it’s so darned hard to measure “climate”.  Until the late 1970’s, we did not have satelites capable of measuring ocean temperatures.  So we had spot data from a small number of weather stations that have been operating continuously for 100+ years.  This is a very small number because most of the world lacked the stability and wealth to operate scientific sensors continuosly for that period of time.  Those few in the US, of course, were subject to urban warming.  When they were originally installed, they were in rural locations.  But many of those locations have become urban today.

Warmenists have had to acknowledge that large-scale burning of fossil fuel did not really begin until after WWII.  Even alarmists among their ranks have to concede that the 19th century represents a baseline without significant man-made CO2 in the air.

But this “Emeritrician” (I forget his name or I would post it repeatedly!) declared that as men started to clear forested land for agriculture, this made a big change to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

You’ll know you live in a politically-correct zone when the most absurd, outrageous, bizarre, and untenable ideas are acceptable blindly and uncritically if they fit the dogma.  But the most carefully-supported ideas are angrily rejected if they don’t fit the dogma.

On a “science” show on national TV, a “scientist” declared that people 8000 years ago made substantial changes to the CO2 in the atmosphere.  This was asserted to explain why reality doesn’t fit a bogus theory.

The cash-value is that the government has to begin human sacrafices to the god of warmening.  The citizens shall be prohibitted from burning too much fuel, moving out of urban centers, flushing too much water down their toilets, or watching Fox News!


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