Nuclear-Armed Iran

Read this for (mostly) brilliant analysis by Norman Podhoretz.  The money quote is:

“If not [we don’t bomb Iran to destroy their nuclear program]—God help us all—the stage will have been set for the outbreak of a nuclear war that will become as inescapable then as it is avoidable now.”

It amazes me that he can see this with clarity, but on the other hand believes Bush is a clear-thinking and flawlessly moral actor.

Bush has been a clueless buffoon.  He has worked pretty hard (in my estimation) to avoid realizing that it is islam, and not “terrorism” which is the cause of our current problem.  He has called islam a “great religion”, met with terrorists and their sponsors, visited their meetings, and appointed delegates to their convention.  He has squandered opportunities to destroy the countries that waged war against us on 9/11, and is squandering today the opportunity to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb.

How blind an elephant does one have to be to miss this?


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