Unfunded Gov’t Pension Liabilities

Any honest observer could have told you years ago that many government pensions (and social security!) are unfunded.  This means they are basically scams–fraud.  Politicians get elected by making promises.  It isn’t just that the politicians don’t intend to keep their promises.  It’s that there is no way to keep them.  They promise what doesn’t exist and cannot exist–free money.  Ultimately, somewhere down the line years later, someone else will bear the costs.

Ankle Biting Pundits writes about this today.

The comments are telling:

blind donkey: <sarcastic sneer about tax cuts>

blind elephant: <the solution is to regulate politicians to force them to be honest>

Well, Mr. Donkey, what can I say?  You want to take all of my money.  What’s new?

Well, Mr. Elephant, you have become the enemy.  Your position is old position of the donkeys!

Besides, do you really think that regulations actually can force liars and thieves to be honest men?  Or do you just parrot this mindlessly because the alternative is too scary?

The problem won’t go away until we face the greatest problem of our era.  The mainstream culture wants something for nothing, and does not want the responsibility to think past the most superficial level.

They prefer, instead, to believe that honest experts are somehow running things.  Well if the elected politicians are lying, cheating crooks, then what makes them think that appointed bureaucrats will be honest experts?

An irrational culture inevitably gets a dictatorship.  Only an honest, rational culture can have limited government and liberty.


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