The Human Element

What’s with those incoherent Dow Chemical ads?

They start by talking about the elements of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon.  And then equivocate to talk about the “human elment”.  All the while, they show pictures of every politically correct topic including numerous indigent third world people.  The announcer presents a stream of his concsiousness which hits on every hot button word like “global warming”.  But he does it like the verbal equivalent of today’s most popular camera technique, flitting from scene to scene without dwelling long enough for the viewer to grasp the meaning of the image on the screen.

The Dow ad seems to be trying to say “please forgive us for existing, we’re doing something <vague> about global warming, third world hunger, indigenous cultures, and the human condition.”

Why would Dow feel the need to justify its existence?  What threat do they face from the government?


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