Obama Did the “Wright” Thing

This is an article by a very blind “obamamaniac” donkey trying to appeal to blind elephants.

“Barack Obama had his “Sister Souljah Moment” Tuesday, as he at last fully distanced himself from his former pastor…”

Note that “distanced” is not the same thing as “renounced.”

Obama did a positioning move, designed to fool blind elephants.  Looks like it fooled the blind donkeys, but as this donkey author laments, it didn’t fool the elphants:

Yet the reaction to on the right Obama’s speech was something between a yawn and a sneer. “Too little, too late,” wrote Glenn Reynolds. “It doesn’t address questions of judgment at all to finally act after being backed into a corner,” opined Ed Morrissey. “After 20 years of friendship, if Obama didn’t know Wright held these beliefs he’s a moron and if he did know he’s a fraud,” declared Allahpundit.

Once more, for the record.  Obama knows how to speak to normal people.  The people around him are more overt about their racist, hateful, tribalist, marxism.  And the friends of these people are some of the most truly evil in the modern world.

Once more, for the record, this is not about some “remarks” by either Wright or Obama.  Obama did not “handle” this “controversy”.  He got caught with his pants down!  It turns out that he is a hating, hateful hater!  So is his wife.  So is his pastor.  So are many of the people around him (did anyone say “Ayers”?)

Even if he wasn’t a hater, he is a tribalist.  Even if he wasn’t a tribalist, he is a marxist.  Even if he wasn’t a marxist, he is an environmentalist and an appeaser.

Let’s move on America.  There’s nothing left to see of this broken candidacy!


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