Companies Try to Balance Pandering and Profit

Politicians like Hillary can say “well, on the one hand … but on the other hand…”  They have a advantage: there is no buck and the buck does not need to stop.  After the election, they can reposition and “get the issue behind us.”

But companies (publicly-traded companies, at least) are expected to discuss their strategies and then actually, you know, execute them.  So this article from Wired is amusing:

“While cutting energy use and rolling out earth-friendly products may attract a growing environmentally conscious customer base, corporate profits still come largely from doing business the old, dirty way.”

In other words, in the altruist’s moral code, there is a contradiction between theory and practice, between what’s considered “right” and what “works.”

Either you can sacrifice your interests and “take cars off the road” (as enviros always prattle about) or you can do business and make money.  If you’re Toyota, that means selling cars to people who will drive them on the road.

You can’t have it both ways.  Either be loved by the Hate-America-First crowd, or make money.  Pick one but not both.


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