It Didn’t Happen, but the Jews Did It!

Charles at LGF writes that Hamas TV has found a new way to lie about the holocaust.

It’s obvious that Hamas is a bunch of murderous liars.  Look how these two statements both serve their goals, but are mutually contradictory:

  1. The holocaust is a lie spread by the Jews
  2. The holocaust was caused by the Jews

This kind of “logic” is a product of islam itself.  We westerners (with the exception of postmodern “progressives”) have a very strong core belief.

Something can’t be both true and untrue at the same time and in the same respect.

That’s what makes The People’s Court on TV amusing sometimes.  Often, the defendant starts out by excusing something and then switching to denying it and then back to excusing it.  Well, pick one!  Either it’s OK that you hit that guy’s dog with a baseball bat because it was threatening your child, or you were out of town and the baseball batter was someone else!

But in islam, there is no law of non-contradiction.  Muslims live in constant fear of their belief that allah has to literally will everything (including the laws of physics) each and every time.  Otherwise their lives could unravel.  Allah does not permit untruths anyways.  So we have the spectacle of the holocaust didn’t happen, but the Jews caused it.  This makes sense and feels right to muslims (and progressives).  And wrong to everyone else.

There is something else about this story that’s worth mentioning.  This is a group that consistently sets up rocket launchers in apartment buildings, hides behind women and children, and targets women and children.  Is this connected to their laughable (if not risible) accusation that the Jews found a pragmatic way to kill off handicapped people and generate sympathy in the process?

No, that’s not something the muslims would ever do.  Terrorists never draw fire to residential neighborhoods, to force the Israelis to either run away or else kill “innocent” civilians.  Al Jazeera and al Reuters never give them invaluable publicity when this happens.

Oh, wait.  I was temporarily overcome by a progressive fog.  Must have been global warmening!

This is precisely how the muslims behave.  And now they are accusing the Jews of the same thing.  I predict that muslims and their progressive apologists will buy this new lie.  Everyone else will just be outraged.


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